If there is something I have ended up missing in this world is civility and kindness. In a further reflection post I will address the issue of civility. Today I want to share some personal points about kindness.

Kind is the one who deserves to be loved, if you look closely up the meaning of this beautiful word. Kind is the one that makes delicacy, warmth, empathy and attention their way of being. He who regards the others with respect and courtesy, who provides options to the joy of others without a reason, without waiting for a return, simply going by the fact of their meeting rejoice, even for a stranger. He who is offering the possibility of friendly affection as one who sows in hope of a future harvest.

Kind, ultimately, is who provides the possibility of joy and recognition.

Kind is also the person who gives courtesy, respect, sympathy and sensitivity, core values in building the bond of trust (essential value) and consequently of coexistence. I do not mean that pretended kindness, which is making believe one is nice without being friendly, just expecting some return for sweetness. I mean that sincere, spontaneous and natural kindness of the good and beautiful people, many times larger and humbler, showing us how education and training does not necessarily have to go hand in hand. Many exquisitely educated people could not received in their days, due to inconveniences, formal education. And how many seemingly educated people exhibit poor little tremendous education lacking every principle of empathy, respect and kindness.

He who is well-mannered is kind. A person means to be kind. Because the kind person knowingly and willingly flees from indifference or apathy towards the others. For him or her experiences the spontaneous gesture of emotion that sums up. He who is kind conjugates the verb ‘to care’ with humility and gentleness, a verb which is the key to love, because what is love but caring for another?

The kind person does not invade, does not bother others, but acts with respect for the world. The kind one promotes  kindliness versus apathy, offers a rope, a road, a bridge, the possibility of an affinity to the other and to the world.

Because he who is friendly without imposture, is also civic for they care about their environment, makes a stand for it, respects it. And the expression of this can be verbal or in a small gesture that is never less (how easy it is to say Good morning!, or Thank you!, or smile in silence, yet how easy it is to collect from the ground that paper thrown by another regardless dirtying the common ground we share as citizens of this world).

Kindness and civility are two key indicators of the level of culture of a human being or a human group.

Kindness is not a forgettable value whatsoever, as it makes this a more habitable world, lets us appreciate the beautiful loving and respectful people, it’s like silk or a balm given in small doses which allows us to unrust and lubricate our existence. Kindness is essential because it stems from the desire to love and therefore contributes to the creation of a meaning to live for.

I miss kindness frequently and increasingly. I am not sure whether it is a distortion in my memory as the years go by and I look at the world through different eyes, but forty years ago, as a child, I felt that I lived in a much kinder world than today’s, and much more civilized, too.

So I feel grateful and even moved when I see free and spontaneous gestures of kindness, I recognize greatness in them growing in humility, kindness, good humour, and generosity. Therefore I cannot help but feeling gratitude and appreciation when someone is kind.

How easy is to be kind and how much we would change the world with a higher dose of this nice balm.


I wish you a calm and kind week ahead.



Alex Rovira