The last few days this week have been really intense for me. I’ve travelled a lot and met some beautiful people, and we’ve held some fantastic events (“Ahora tú”). Thanks to everyone who was there. Over eight thousand souls came together to try to bring more Meaning into our future with words, towards utopia, in a project made real, with good music, the will to work, and hope as our guide and destiny.

I was fortunate enough to exchange greetings with hundreds of beautiful people. Each one of them has a life, a history, a past and infinite projects for the future. Thousands of projects, thousands of wishes. Each person is the centre of a universe longing to unfold.

I’m back home now, happy to be here with you, sharing again.

And here’s Eva once more, with this lovely version of “What a Wonderful World”.

Yes, people who bring quality into the world make it a really extraordinary place. Thank you to everyone.

Hugs, kisses,


Alex Rovira