One of the most beautiful melodies, inspired by Leo and the text he sent me after the “Ahora tú” event dedicated to the memory of his beloved ancestors.

Itzhak Perlman plays the soundtrack to “Schindler’s List” with eloquent mastery. A piece to remind us that there are two, and only two races of human beings – the race of the decent and the race of the indecent. Those who fight for dignity, culture, consciousness, the sharing of wealth , the love of the Earth that shelters us and gives us life; and those who see others as an object to be used, even by taking their lives.

For the good people who keep this world turning in spite of all its injustice and moral and economic misery.

Hugs, kisses,


PS. The music begins at 0:50 after a brief interview with Perlman.

Alex Rovira