Some people have the ability to make complex things simple, to teach gently but rigorously, to make you love any field of human knowledge.

Master Benjamin Zandler is one of these people.

In this wonderful 20-minute talk, he explains how knowledge of any artistic discipline (classical music in this case) can make you love it even more.

Paracelsus said that the greater your knowledge, the greater your love, and it’s really true. But you could also say that the more you love, the more you want to know. Love and awareness come together in a circle and nourish each other. The love-knowledge principle can be applied to anything around you: the one you love, nature, art, beauty, life… In gratitude to all the masters who’ve taught us to learn painlessly, but with love; thank you.

I hope you enjoy this wonderful talk and that after it you’ll start bringing these two words lovingly together.

Hugs, kisses,


Alex Rovira