It seems that everything has to be named, labeled, located, segmented, taxonomized, placed and sentenced.

It is hard for us to see life without concepts, to stop the impulse that our mind has to classify, judge, compare.

What if we were able to see the world without naming it? What if we could look at the tree without thinking ‘this is a tree’, look at the sea without saying ‘this is the sea’, contemplating the flower without calling it ‘rose’, or look at ourselves, others and life without being repressed by definitions?

Can you imagine a maturity that will take us to see the world without the compulsive exercise of our minds to narrow the real, to catalog and by doing so, to reduce it to a cliché that avoids nuances and causes prejudice and projections?

The paradox: we need the words like air. Blessed words that humanize us and help us to live and learn, to talk, to appoint and love literature, poetry, knowledge, and much more.

But sometimes those same words separate us from reality, put it away from us, because our mind steps between it and what we call Self, that label, perhaps being the most important.

What if we fail to label that Self and reality for a moment -what would happen?

Try it, it is a challenge. How do you do it? By doing it. In fact, we are always in the non-concept, but we have forgotten how to get ourselves in it.

Ramana Maharshi pointed it, like other great masters of what has been called Advaita Vedanta philosophy have. A road worth visiting and exploring.

Meanwhile, let the words unite us until we realize that we do not need labels just to BE OURSELVES.

Kisses, hugs.


Alex Rovira