In his little workshop, the artisan caresses the leather he embroils books, belts, backpacks and other creations with, carefully maintained. The stone walls, built hundreds of years ago, define this chamber of only twelve square metres that smells of leather and wood, where his life goes on.

He is focused on the work table, only the tinkling bell interrupting him, announcing the entry of travellers.

He works slowly, without haste, with attention to every detail, in his little corner in Pienza, Italy. It is a pleasure to simply look at the way he works.

He is friendly, simple, good people. His vocation is in his hands, it is obvious. One has just to notice it in the speed with which he moves his small tools and the care he takes to caress the leather of its objects.

He is a craftsman who loves his work and takes care of every detail. I carry a tiny booknote he created and take notes every day. Small, delicate, very beautiful. And every time I have it in my hands, I remember it is the care of the small details that define the main differences in what we call living.

My admiration and appreciation to those who, like him, love their work and offer it to others in a discreet, friendly, easy way.
We need artisans.

Kisses, hugs.


Alex Rovira