Each sunrise is different, there are not two alike. Each wavelength of light, every cloud, every detail that can be seen, felt, every breeze and fragrance. Like every day, as in every moment, nothing is the same in nature -everything is original, literally.

This sense of constant change, embodied in the metaphor of the dawns that gives us life, never ceases to amaze me. Waking up early and watching the sun rising up, going find its birth, in the city, out of it, helps me remember that every moment is unique and singular, and that life is a succession of sunrises and sunsets in all dimensions of the human, permanently.

Hellos and goodbyes that occur, systole and diastole, inspirations and exhalations, days and nights, seasons, beats, moments, all living in a constantly renewed cycle of birth and death; yin, yang. Among the heartbeats, see the sense, the way, the constant presence that evolves between the apparent duality: tao.

An invitation to stop here, now, in the present moment, to capture the birth, the dawn of what it is: a greeting, a heartbeat, the light coming through the window, the air that feeds us at this time, whatever who comes to say hello.


Kisses, hugs,


Alex Rovira