The author of the novel ‘Little Women’ was born in Germantown, Pennsylvania (USA) in 1832 and died in Boston in 1888. Her parents being close to influential Transcendentalists thinkers such as Ralph Waldo Emerson, Margaret Fuller and Henry David Thoreau, she exceeded in a good education, supplied especially by his father, who also educated Louisa‘s three sisters. These ideas are embodied in her early writings, ‘Flower Fables’ or ‘Silver Pitchers’.

Also, her nursing chronicles, published in the Atlantic Monthly, and her novel ‘Moods’ caught the attention of publishers and readers. Louisa, who worked as a seamstress, a teacher and a writer to help the family finances, make the most of these experiences to earn a point of view full of humanity and affection that her followers loved.

Despite her being known for her success with ‘Little Women’, Louisa May Alcott also wrote works of disparate genres, from erotic novels and mystery signed as A.M. Barnard to moral tales for children. The partly autobiographical story of ‘Little Women’ was continued in ‘Those Little Women’ and ‘Little Men’. The author never married, and championed the cause of women’s rights.

She died from the consequences from mercury poisoning after being treated for typhoid fever she had caught when helping as a nurse.
Let’s read some quotes from her books:


Make yourself worthy of love and it will come.


It is not us to choose our skills and talents; We are born with them, and should not paralyze them just because we do not like them.


The real talent and kindness do not remain unnoticed long; but even if they would, the knowledge to possess and use them well, must be satisfying –simplicity is the best charm of all powers.


Work is healthy and there is enough for all; it frees us from boredom and malice, it is good for health and spirit and gives us a greater sense of independence and ability than money or elegance.


It is a good book that opened with expectation and closed with profit.


While one finds in himself and in what he is after, cannot feel old. The most certain sign of aging is the feeling of loneliness.


There are elderly people who remain young at heart despite their wrinkles and gray hair; They can understand the care and happiness of small children.


Love casts out fear, gratitude wins pride over.


Courage, my heart! There is always light behind the clouds.


Even the most insignificant people exert some influence in the world.


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