This extraordinary author impressed me when I read his works, absorbed and admired, many years ago.

Today, from time to time, I need to retrieve my reading either through his books, or his texts, that once I started to copy driven by his reflections’ strength, beauty and meaning.

Convinced that almost anyone know him, for those who have not had the opportunity, I invite you to do so, ‘Siddhartha’, ‘Demian’, ‘Steppenwolf’ or ‘Wandering’ are some of his essential works.

This past weekend I took back my old notebook, which will soon be thirty years-old and which I entitled the name of the author. It includes multiple texts and aphorisms I would like to share here today. I hope you enjoy them:


Often, I am tired and I lack faith and courage, but I think these moods should not be addressed properly, it is necessary to abandon them, mourn, be deep inside and think of nothing, and then we notice the soul has continued to live in the meantime… plus it has advanced.


Faith that there is no happy or unfortunate event that we cannot give meaning by making it good has always stayed with me and is still with me, and I’m not willing to give it up, for me or for others.


Learn, anyway, to serve the truth, to open up, to really think about things, rather than in yourself; it is the only way out of your desert.


The soft is stronger than the hard, water is stronger than a rock, love is stronger than violence.


I’ve been a guy who searches and yet I still am, but no longer looking at the stars and in the books, but I’m starting to listen to the teachings my blood keeps communicating.


You can always have everything that money can buy, but you are doomed to see how exactly the best, most beautiful, most desirable things cannot be bought with money. The best, most beautiful, most desirable things in the world can only be paid with one’s soul, just as love cannot be bought, and if anyone has a non-pure soul, incapable of good or at least believe in the good, neither will possess sufficient sensitivity for the better and nobler, and will have forever to see themselves in the shrunken, faded, blurring world of their thoughts, to their own torture and poverty, which have been forged.


You have to try the impossible to achieve the possible.


Hermann Hesse, a must.


I wish you a pleasant week.


Álex Rovira

Alex Rovira