After the Krishnamurti post, Óscar Cholbi shared this link with me. It’s well worth taking a look at. I had it on my list of links to share, but when Oscar kindly got in touch I thought I should put it up straight away.

José Mújica, the President of Uruguay, speaks the bare, unscripted truth here. He speaks from his heart, with common sense, looking out into the auditorium. His speeches are not written for him. Coherence is his guide. You listen to him and you see a clear-minded, brave, simple human being. Mújica lives on a small farm he has opened up to homeless people. He uses no official car and has been living a simple life for years, speaking and acting coherently. He talks of ecology, happiness, solidarity, sobriety, and he states that the crisis is, above all, political in nature. In essence, I agree with his entire speech.

Mújica is one of the few politicians with the courage to say that the Emperor is wearing no clothes.

Enjoy it.


Hugs, kisses,



Alex Rovira