This week, I would like to reflect about something while you enjoy the video -I want to share an excerpt from the book ‘Good Luck’ that I co-wrote with my friend Fernando Trías de Bes. It goes like:


But what it seemed truly outrageous was that not only it was raining seeds where Sid was standing, but through ALL the Enchanted Forest, IN ABSOLUTELY EACH CORNER of the forest.

And even not only in the Enchanted Forest, but throughout the kingdom: it rained four-leaf clovers’ seeds over the gentlemen who did not accept the challenge from Merlin. It rained over all beings in the forest, over the Gnome, the Sequoia, the Lady of the Lake, over Ston… It rained over Nott and Morgana. Four-leaf clovers’ seeds were falling… EVERYWHERE!

The inhabitants of the Enchanted Forest and the kingdom did not pay attention to it, though. They knew that once a year, season bound, it rained this strange gold greenish water “which was useless”. Actually, every year the fact bothered them so much, because that rain was rather sticky.

Five minutes later, the four-leaf clovers‘ seeds rain ceased. The tiny green gold seeds dissolved as water droplets fell to the ground, as they fell over all corners of the kingdom. Just dying, like the seeds that are thrown into the wilderness.

Thus, the millions of drops which fell through the Enchanted Forest became sterile.

All of them but a few hundred that reached several yards of fresh and new soil, where the sun was shining and the shade was cool, which had plenty of water and was free of stones.

Those and only those seeds became four-leaf clovers, hundreds of Magical Clovers, so many of them to bring luck all year round… up to the following year’s rain. In other words: that meant unlimited luck. Sid watched the Good Luck he had created in ecstasy. So emotional and excited that he went on his knees in sign of gratitude and tears rolled down from his eyes.

When he realized that the Wind slackened, he felt he had to say goodbye and thank it for spreading the seeds around. So he invoked it:

—Oh, Wind, Lord of Destiny and Luck, where are you? I would like to thank you!

The Wind answered:

—There is no need to thank me. Every year this time, I cast four-leaf clovers’ seeds over the Enchanted Forest and all over the kingdom. I am the Lord of Destiny and Luck and I bring, in strict order, the seeds of Good Luck wherever I happen to be. In contrast to what many may think, I cast no luck, I simply make sure it is spread everywhere. Magical Clovers were born because you created the right conditions for that. Anyone who had done the same would had created Good Luck. I simply do what I have always done. The Good Luck I carry with me is always there. The problem is that almost everyone believes that it is not necessary to do anything about it.


That is why four-leaf clovers, Magic shamrocks, did only grow at Sid’s -because he was the only one  in the kingdom who had created the conditions for them not to die.

Because opposite to what many people believe, Good Luck is not something that happens to a few who just do nothing.

Good Luck is something that can happen to us all if we do something.

And that something  means only to create conditions for the opportunities that are there for everyone, for the four-leaf clovers’ seeds not to die, falling on barren ground.


Sow. That is the idea. Let’s sow in an adequate soil, well-prepared, fertilized, well watered. Let’s create fertile soil for the material, and also in our soul, our spirit, our mind, actions. Let’s sow possibilities, create circumstances, open new paths, broaden horizons, encourage to take opportunities. Let’s do, act, by planning consciously, so that, as one who prepares the soil to make it better for the seed to be planted, life chances lead us to health, justice, shared prosperity, to consciousness and culture.


Hugs and kisses,



Alex Rovira