Today, some fellow readers have reminded me of this story I wrote in ‘The Inner Compass’ (‘Letters to Myself’). It is a different version of ‘Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf’ and I would to share it here today. It goes like:

Once upon a time, there were Little Red Riding Hood, her grandmother and the Big Bad Wolf.
One day, realizing that things were not quite right, as they were leading a life somewhat busy and complicated, and, above all, that they were tired of living always the same story, they decided to get down to work and do a good therapeutic change…
Riding Hood decided to stop talking to seductive, manipulative liars and wolves who were cheating on her and made her walk over the odds for long and complicated roads.
Granny decided to stop opening the door to wolves posing as tender girls, though hairy and hoarsely. She also decided to stop living in an isolated house in the woods and she bought a small apartment in town. She also hired a maid to look after her and make her shopping, in order to prevent her granddaughter from bringing supplies walking through dangerous forests which were full of liars and wolves. For Granny, thanks to the good faith of her daughter and granddaughter had been saving money over time to pay the apartment and her housekeeper. And the Bad Wolf decided to stop dressing as a granny and getting into bed to hunt. He saw that it was easier to hunt rabbits in the forest than living roughly cheating girls and grandmothers wearing fancy dresses… So he decided to be a real wolf.
And the story is over… Definitely!
For the better and happiness of its three protagonists.
Moral: we may be happy whenever we start really being honest with ourselves and seeing ourselves the way we are, ask for help when needed and definitely…
Stop making stories up!


I wish you a brilliant weekend.



Alex Rovira