I am currently reading books and texts by Virginia Satir and I would like to share the definition of what becoming a person is this psychotherapist did back in her days:

1. Grant me permission to be who I am, instead of believing that I should let another determine where I should be or how I should be.

2. Grant me permission to feel what I feel, instead of feeling what others would feel in my place.

3. Grant me permission to think what I think and also the right to say it, if I want to, or to keep it to myself, if it suits me so.

4. Grant me permission to take the risks I choose to run, with the only condition to accept I pay the price of those risks.

5. Grant me permission to look for what I think I need from the world, instead of waiting for someone else to give me permission to get it.

Redefining oneself or becoming a person is usually the result of having done a good job of self-listening and personal analysis. That is when we realize who we are and maybe what we can become.

A brief reflection on five points, which invites us to think.

Have a happy day.


P.S. Text taken from ‘The Inner Compass/ Letters To Myself’.

Alex Rovira