This week I am happy to share a beautiful story about utopia I was told by Alejandro Jodorowsky -about that eagerness that leads us to persevere and the unexpected that gives us life when we devote ourselves to work with passion and with all our soul for something.

Once upon a time there was a young boy who wanted to be the best archer in the world.

One day, he met he who was considered the best master of archers in his country, and expressed his wish to him:

-Master, I would like to be the best archer in the world, what should I do? -asked the young man.

-If you want to be the best archer in the world, you must shoot one of your arrows straight to the moon. So far no one has succeeded. You would be the first if you would do it, and in doing so, no one would question you are the best, said the teacher.

Thus, the boy decided to follow the advice he had been given. He prepared his bow and arrows, and spend every night shooting at the moon which would arise over the horizon of the sea. Every night, he kept on persevering, without missing any of these appointments, were the moon Full, Waning, Crescent, even when it was New and he just guessed its mild light.

Neighbours and friends used to mock him. “The Crazy Man of the Moon”, they called him. But he would ignore the insults, provocations and offenses, and carry on with his endeavour every night.

The fact is that nobody knows if he ever got to reach the moon, but his commitment and the million arrows he shot in his attempt to reach it had a secondary prize: he became undoubtedly the best archer in the world. He was unbeatable, at night, and of course, in the full light of day.

Moral: perhaps, far more important than the realization of our desires, is what our longings make us do to fulfill ourselves.

Hugs and kisses,


Alex Rovira