How important is knowing how to express ourselves, how to say what we feel, what we need, what we think, what we want. Finding the words, pondering them, always taking into account, when the situation demands it, the manners and circumstances of the person who is listening. Considering the gesture that comes with what it’s said, the tone of our voice, the look, the delicate choice of the words, the necessary silence which give texture and depth to our voice, as well.

Words are the vehicle of our soul to be in contact with reality. Thanks to them we are aware of it and can symbolize the experience. Words also give us the opportunity to mean all experience, from the seemingly banal to the transcendent: words help us making sense of life.

Thanks to words we perceive differences, contrasts and come close to the world. With them we create and explore real and imaginary universes. Bridge and road are they to know and to recognize he who is near, discovering their nuances, their humanity and, of course, they are also the vehicle to reach within ourselves. Paradoxically words also help us step back, gain perspective, let go. They allow us to get closer and to move away, to manage distances, to surrender or to leave.

“Words are half part who’s says them, half part the listener’s”, wrote Michel de Montaigne. Words belong to both parties when a dialogue is sincere, when the listener is attentive, when there is the will for encounter. In them we find ourselves and so they can unite us, lead us to the exchange, to a relationship, to a meeting, and that’s how they can make us look, feel and grow up.

There are words that summarize experiences, feelings, desires, even a life: the name of the loved ones, the places of our childhood, that song that evokes memories, that poetry that is always with us, the voice of our affections. Sometimes when we hear words like son, friend, father, mother or especially the proper name of a loved one, it evokes and recreates a universe of memories and emotions and intense times richer than everyday reality.

There are simple, immediate, appropriate, friendly words -they are a gift. Spontaneity expressed with some “goodbye”, “thank you”, “please”, “I love you” can illuminate a moment, and in specific circumstances, be the memory that gives meaning to our lives, too.

Often a friendly and sincere voice is much more therapeutic than any medicine. A gesture and the right voice can change our mood in an instant. Words brings us laughter, joy, tenderness and humour out of the most unexpected. Words surprise, touch, makes us feel tender and emotional.

But the greatest miracle regarding to words, is that they can heal. With words we can make our inner alchemy: relieve pain, deal with our doubts, anger and guilt, end grief, heal wounds, kill fears, release from yokes, maybe end inner and outer slavery: Freeing and get free.

Because it is so obvious, the following principle often ends up being ignored: at any moment we can choose the words to relate to others, even to relate to ourselves, to construct reality with others and to create our own reality.

Choosing the right words at all times is an exercise that can transform our existence or open the door to indoor and outdoor scenarios than we never imagined.

Blessed words.

Kisses and hugs,




Alex Rovira