Perhaps, this is my favourite short story:


“The disciple told his teacher:

Master, I am very discouraged, what I can do?

And the teacher replied:

-Encourage others.”







It is so worth tasting it.

Of course, this short and powerful story includes many versions, such as:

“The disciple told his teacher:

Master, I feel out of joy, what I can do?

And the teacher replied:

-Give the little you have to others.”


Yes, in many cases, the best way out of our well or maze is giving what we have, however little we believe it is, to those who need it. Not only material things. Essentially when we speak of values, principles, attitudes is that what we give to others we are giving ourselves, and what we are not giving to others we are not receiving for ourselves. What you give, you give it to yourself, what you do not give, you take it off from yourself, as the saying goes.

By making and giving what we feel we lack, we grow it, we water it, we make it live. Active and conscious exercise of our abilities whatever nature (intellectual, emotional, physical or spiritual) it is, means a delivery that acts, in turn, as a multiplication factor.

Finally we are what we do much more than what we say, and as wisely as the teacher tells his disciple in the story, the solution to many of our aches responds to the combination of two verbs: to love and to do.

Because LOVE is not only wanting, is essentially CARING (through action), UNDERSTANDING (through thought) and INSPIRING (through emotion).


I wish you all a happy week.


Kisses and hugs,



Alex Rovira