[Free and unofficial translation]

Good Enough for Me

(Ángel González)

If I were God
And I had the secret,
I would make
An accurate you;
I’d taste it
(In the manner of bakers
When they taste the bread, that is:
With their mouth),
And if the flavour were
Like yours, that is
Your very smell, and your way
Of smiling,
And of remaining silent,
Of shaking my hand strictly
And kissing without harming each other
-I am sure of this: I put
Much attention when I kiss you;
If I were God,
I could repeat you and repeat you,
Always the same and always different,
Never tired of the identical game,
Without ignoring either who you were
For that you could be anytime soon;
I do not know if I make myself clear, but I
Clarify that if I were
God I would do anything
To be Ángel González
To love you as I love you,
To wait calmly
As you create yourself every day,
For you to surprise every morning
Newborn light with your own
Light, and run off the
Impalpable curtain that separates
The dream of life,
Bringing me back to life with your word,
Cheerful Lazarus
Still wet by
Shadows and laziness,
Surprised and absorbed
In contemplation of all that
Which, together with myself,
You retrieve and save, move, let
Abandoned when -then- become silent…
(I hear your silence.
I hear
Constellations: you just exist.
I believe in you.
You are.
Enough for me.

Ángel González is a must-read  -whatever the chosen poem. Any comment is out of the question, unnecessary.

Enjoy it.

Kisses, hugs.


Alex Rovira