As a matter of fact, being active means that we move with a continuous interaction with a world that generates an unstoppable flow of issues that must be resolved.

The issues come into our lives through so many media and they are so intense nowadays that, without realizing it, we do accumulate tasks that need to be solved in different formats, sofwares and situations: emails, social networks, conventional mail, mobile texts in whatever format, even ideas that we keep in our mind or at most we had noted on paper or memo. Ultimately, these are pending multi-format replies .

Actions that must be carried on. Answers to be given. Ideas which are meant to become facts. All of them break through nonstop and accumulate as to-dos. And in proportion to the need to get them finished, to respond and resolve them, our anxiety arises, in a conscious or unconscious way. It is then necessary to solve with the highest quality and speed.

Resolve is a good verb that means:

1.- To find the solution to a problem,

2.- To choose from several options,

3.- To end something with a clear result,

4.- To complete.

Yes: to fix, to choose, to do, to conclude. Nothing more, nothing less. Not surprisingly, the word resolve belongs in the family of other ones that usually lighten up our permanent care units: resolution, solution, solvent… And, etymologically, the verb solve comes from resolvere, which means to loose.

Because what you do not solve ties you, blocks you, makes you get stuck, stops you.

Only water is clearer than this.

When something is not resolved it is anchored between the past (old laziness, old fear, old doubt, old guilt old uncertainty… ) and the future (anxiety in case of… ). Then, the resolution is always now.

If you have to solve it, do it. Do not procrastinate. Now!

If you can or should delegate it, do it. Do not block. Now!

If you cannot solve it, or you cannot delegate, stop worrying. Throw it away and make the most to resolve other important issues. Now! And do not worry, if it’s really important, the matter will return to you for you to give decisive response.

This is the rule that, personally, has worked for me really well considering the amount of issues to be resolved: DO IT, DELEGATE IT OR THROW IT AWAY.

That is, solve, manage or get rid of. But now. Here and now.

Flagged emails, unfinished notes, post-its, annotations in notebooks, letters moving from side to side of the table, those non deleted messages on the answering machine, etc, etc, etc will disappear quickly. By deactivating and solving those «Permanent Care Units» we finally takeback  serenity, space and concentration, we can then focus on new and creative tasks, and we also know that by unlocking what was blocking us, we also give life and movement to others, because the effect of a release is always systemic.

Come on. Let’s fly.

Kisses and hugs,


Álex Rovira

Alex Rovira