We want to share with you this wonderful videotaped interview [in Spanish] by team.

In it, Álex reflects on what’s to come, about how we can create a better, fairer, more ethical, more caring-like future.

He speaks also about future sources of employment, how our lives will change in the coming years, and that ethics and transparency are essential for survival in the long-term. He also makes a critical reflection on the difficult circumstances we are going through and what can happen from now on. This interview, we think, is the best he has ever done.

In addition to the interview with Álex, we recommend you to surf the WHAT site, full of very interesting contents, which are inspiring, beautiful and useful. Congratulations to WHAT team for also offering free quality contents towards a new consciousness.

Loads of light, encouragement and love! (as Álex says)


Alex Rovira