Ramesh Balsekar was a disciple of Advaita Master Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj (whom I dedicate another post on this blog) and undoubtedly the mail teacher of the ideas about the ‘original essence’. However, his role as a spiritual teacher began at 60, after a brilliant career in the financial sector.

In fact, Ramesh S. Balsekar (Mumbai, India, 1917-2009) was a man of fine education, by means of his family wealth. In 1940, the year he got married, he began working as a clerk in the Bank of India, and from this position he progresed, over the years, to become president of the organization. In the decade in which he served, the bank’s growth registered one of the highlights of its history.

After retiring, he met the guru Sri Nissargadatta Maharaj, who taught thim the Advaita doctrine in a depressed area of ​​the city and acted as his interpreter in the meetings. In the meantime, he was steeped in notions of his Master. Since 1982, Ramesh Balsekar gave lectures to small groups that were growing in line with its reputation; seminars in Europe and the United States and over twenty of books contain ideas of this Advaita Vedanta tradition he perpetuated.

Balsekar said that the world runs according to divine and natural laws, the force that enables the creation, which is pure consciousness. In this sense, even though people think they can choose by being guided by their free will, it is this consciousness that move them. We are neither bodies nor beings that can act per se, but our true identity is this consciousness that connects us with the world.

Let’s read some of his quotes to understand his teachings on the essence:

What am I?
Am I God? No.
Am I the devil? No.
Am I an angel? No.
Am I a saint? No.
So what am I?
I am Consciousness.


When we talk of time and space, we say infinite space and eternal time. It is still a mental concept of total space and total time. But the mind cannot conceive of that state prior to the arising of the space-time. The moment you think of Reality, the reality is a concept. You are the Reality of which the split-mind makes a concept. You are the Reality, but not as the ‘me’.


The final truth, as Ramana Maharshi and Nisargadatta Maharaj and all the wise men before them said, have made clear that there is neither creation nor destruction, neither birth nor death, neither destiny nor free will, neither the route nor any achievement. Everything is consciousness.


It’s very simple. Don’t think about what you have heard here. Just don’t think about what you think you’ve understood. And then that understanding will have a chance to flower. But the more you think about what you have understood, the more it’s wasted.


All there is, is Consciousness. And the mind is merely a reflection of that Consciousness.


Enlightenment is total emptiness of mind. There is nothing you can do to get it. Any effort you make can only be an obstruction to it.


That has been the purpose of the search: the same peace that exists in the state of deep sleep, but in wakefulness. My concept of spiritual seeking is to have the peace that prevails in the state of deep sleep even in the waking state, during daily life. And that peace prevails in your daily life when this happens: when there is no ego to feel guilt, pride, hatred or envy.


Transformation cannot be brought about, it can only happen. Indeed, practicing meditation is itself bondage! Transformation presupposes the total absence of any doer practicing anything.


Consciousness has produced this play. Consciousness has written the script. Consciousness is playing all the characters. And Consciousness is witnessing the play. It’s a one man show.



Have a happy conscious week,

Álex Rovira

Alex Rovira