My admired friend Enrique Mariscal says the future is not inevitable, but “inventable”. And to invent the future, we need, essentially, people. People who are ethical, who have vision, who are willing, lucid, well prepared: talent, spirit, creativity, integrity and purpose are the keys. Well humanized people ultimately. People who can link their talents and enthusiasm because they have a clear answer to the key question: “What unites us?”.

When we have a purpose that unites us, something that gives meaning to our efforts and work, even in crises or adversity, we have more strength to continue rowing. For always, together we are more and better. And the difference creates synergy and we have all to be done, again, and today more than ever. So it is time to keep up, take a breath row and breathe at every turn without losing sight of how we can improve this world that we have been given with our work.

And so, on human organizations, links, projects and businesses, visions, talents and characterss, we focus the second part of our book (written along with Pascual Olmos), “That Life You Deserve”, which begins with these words:



Human organization


“What’s good for the hive is good for the bee.”



Looking at our history, we see that major changes occur from the conviction of a man or a large group, who are guided by a utopia and a great desire to improve socially, and decide to work to transform a reality that can be much improved, or by compulsion, by revolution, by a serious crisis that forces them to do what should have been done but, for whatever reason, has not been carried out.

Crisis, chrysalis, critics, criteria, selection are voices that have the same etymological root: they talk about change, transformation, evolution, rigorous and thoughtful selection, about the awareness to select wisely.

Much of the social and business innovation processes start under crisis, leading to redefine, often rooted deeply, habits and social and organizational practices. Now we are engaged, we realize it or not, in a full social chrysalis. Social innovation brought out by this crisis will have consequences that few are able to glimpse as a whole: flexibility, integration, volunteering, interactivity, information fluency, transparency, value management, ecology, sustainability and many other concepts that will coexist with us in the future and grow stronger every day. Because what we do not change as a result of this crisis by conviction, we will have to in the future due to crises that are increasingly larger and more complex, and unless we begin to apply what may avoid them. We choose: the will, ethics, solidarity, transparency and commitment, values, in short, as keys to open doors, or revolution and pain as battering rams to knock them to death.

In the world to come technology will enact new environments in which to live, work and interrelate in a more efficient, economical, transparent and clean way, we know that we must care and encourage talent to generate an unlimited value that is not conditioned by a limited land, build organizations, cooperatives, both social and national-ruled in which ethical behavior is key to survival, local response is imperative, objectively measurable innovation and value generation will become part of the DNA of any human system. And businesses and human organizations are the links that will create this processing chain. Teams of people under a full leadership to generate social wealth will transform the reality far beyond what the professionals jinxs pretend.


Yes, the future is not inevitable, it is inventable.

Let’s invent it, then: here, now.

Let’s go?

Hugs and kisses,


Alex Rovira