The Social Triarticulation or Social Threefold was proposed by Rudolf Steiner as a form of social organization whose main idea is that human beings got to know themselves in depth and develop their potential for freedom, creativity, capability to love, and will in a continuous evolutionary process.

The axes of this threefolding are liberty, equality and fraternity. Liberty should govern the spiritual-cultural life, equality would be the axis of the judicial-legal field, and fraternity would force value for the development of economic activity.

So, from this model, it would be established:

  • Liberty in the soul of every human being to develop their potential, uniqueness and originality from a thought to combat lies and bet on the truth. Hence the importance of education and culture for the purpose.
  • Equality in the spirit that allows legality and morality go hand in hand (sometimes deeply immoral laws are enacted or the law is applied in an immoral way which busts the principle that justice should be equal for all, when, unfortunately, too often it is not). So, every human being would be subject to the same laws with the same rights and obligations. Only with true justice may appear good policy for the common interest.
  • Fraternity would allow the economic sphere to meet the needs of all the capabilities and making everyone be in jobs full of Sense, individually and collectively.

The companies or social organizations would function healthily when these three powers act autonomously and without invading others, just the opposite of what it happens now, that economic powers impose policies or guidelines define educational models.

Only civil society can develop freedom, equality and brotherhood if we maintain confidence in these values and generate, from the individual to the collective, a wave of hope, dignity, conscience and respect/caring for others (love).

In this magnificent contribution by my beloved and admired friend Joan Melé (, he summarizes the Threefold Social theory brilliantly, which is his vision of the future, to which I adhere firmly.

It is well worth investing less than ten minutes for Joan’s speech -lucid, entertaining, calm, steady, erudite, wise. You may be a different person after it.

I wish you a happy week.

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Alex Rovira