That Life You Deserve

That Life You Deserve

We deserve a different life. A life where there is a better distribution of wealth, which is run out of tax havens, which we know how to tell need from will, where respect for nature ensures the quality of the environment of our future lives, where culture and education are sowing the true green shoots of the future, where solidarity, justice and transparency are realities and not concepts that are proclaimed in speeches, in which respect for the dignity is the origin and the end of all social experience. That is the thesis of our latest book, “That Life You Deserve,” written along with Pascual Olmos.

In this video we present some of the main ideas of the book, and in future posts on this blog I will share new texts and videos on it, whose main thesis is that society and another world is possible if and only if we focus on a new way of building humanity from the simple premise that values create value, that quality of soul creates material quality, that without moral greatness we cannot have economic prosperity, because it is precisely the moral poverty that breeds economic misery.



Welcome to “That Life You Deserve”.

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[** Royalties from “That Life You Deserve” will target social projects in Ethiopia, developed by the Foundation Christian-Marc Olmos Vente:

The activities of the Foundation began in 2008, in memory of Christian-Marc, who died in car accident on April 3, 2007. Four development projects have been carried out to date in Ethiopia.

  • Energy project in the town of Girmana. Electricity is led through kilometers of poles and wiring, and by installing the transformer in the populated area Girmana Zway.
  • Energy project in the town of Boromo. As in Girmana.
  • Computer room in Zway. It allowed the renovation of 50 top technology computers. This Computer room of the Salesian Sisters recently received the Excellence Award from the Ministry of Education of Ethiopia.
  • Drilling a well in the orphanage Meki. A 100 meter water depth was achieved and supplies water to the orphanage and the people through pipes.

Recently, five more projects are taking shape and will be materialized soon:

  • Sewerage and water supply in the town of Meki (in progress)
  • Electric flour mill in the town of Boromo
  • Large two classrooms in the school of Girmana
  • Construction of a waiting room at the orphanage/ Meki Pediatric Hospital, in collaboration with the Paul Horstman Foundation (already completed)
  • Project power lines in the town of Boromo-Walicho

Funding for these projects has been carried out exclusively with family Olmos Vente funds and through the necessary collaboration of the Salesian Sisters of Zway.]

Alex Rovira