Considered the precursor of Transpersonal Psychology in Spain, this Barcelona-native (1924-1985) was brought up in a middle-class family and was trained as a psychologist after quitting a degree in Medicine. Even starting off just following his father’s footsteps, who worked in Barcelona’s Town Hall, ​​his deep interest in delving into certain aspects of psychology encouraged him to leave this institution.

From that moment on, Antonio Blay opened his practice office of Clinical Psychology, while beginning to impart courses and lectures on the results in research on spiritual topics linked to Psychology. That is to say, he integrates the understanding of the states of consciousness to the analysis of the identity and reality of a person: the personal growth. By opening to the more spiritual consciousness is possible to see parts of oneself that reason may not show. This view is a contribution to understanding the mind-body connection as intrinsic to treat the disease and the psychic part globally.

We can get to know this author through his wide variety of publications. His bibliography includes both books written by Blay Fontcuberta, as well as other recently published works, from the literal transcription of his lectures and courses by students and disciples. For instance, ‘Being’, ‘Personal Power’, ‘The Creative Personality’, ‘The Yogas’, ‘Consciousness, Existence, Realization’ and ‘The Inner Growth’, which exposes these concepts and invites to self-discovery through experience, or self-realization.

An expert in yoga, meditation and the value of silence, created the DHARMA Institute, Center for Psychological Studies and Applications, to bring them to everyone.

Let’s read a few quotes by Antonio Blay Fontcuberta:

 Nothing that is said about me, I am so.


Looking fondly just to see and to understand.


No one can handle that with what they identify with.


I am more myself, where I am Intelligence, I am Will and I am Love. And what I am, remains as a focal point of something bigger.


While you live by what you feel, it is too bad. Let us live in what we are behind what we feel.


You already are the Reality you are. You are already made up. The problem is that you do not believe it, because you think you are something or someone: such as Marguerite, Joseph, etc.


An important hint: let us not live the way I am; let us seek what I am; and then who I am.


It is double work: to see what you are not and to live by what you are. No pressure, no requirements. The demand must be in Being, not in trying to change moods. Each moment will be associated with your mood.


As long as I find out what I am, I also see what I am not. Then I gain the power over this that I am not (the “character” or a series of them).


It is not correct to say “I have Intelligence” or “I have Will”; the right thing to say is “the Intelligence that works through me” or “the Will that works through me”.


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