Born in France in 1940 and a resident in Quebec, Canada, since age 28, Annie Marquier is one of the most important authors on inner growth and spirituality.

Perhaps it is surprising to know that she began her academic career as Bachelor of Sciences (Mathematics), Economics researcher, professor at the Sorbonne in Paris, in addition to a degree in Music and her work as a teacher of singing and classical and electronic organ. However, in the early 70s Annie Marquier moved to India and participated in the creation of the international community of Auroville with spiritual masters like Sri Aurobindo and Jiddu Krishnamurti.

From the study of yoga and Eastern spirituality she went on to holistic psychology and personal development, an area in which she is an authority as it is her Institute for Personal Growth, founded in 1982.

Annie Marquier is the author of books like ‘The Power of Free-Will’, ‘Free Your True Self’, ‘The Heart Revolution’, she teaches workshops, gives conferences and courses uniting the creative with scientific rigor and knowledge of the human psyche.

As to you all may know her a little better, I invite you to read these excerpts from her thoughts:


The brain waves are synchronized with changes in heart rate; i.e. the heart drags the head. The conclusion is that the heart love is not an emotion, it is an intelligent state of consciousness. The brain of the heart stimulates in the brain of the head higher centers of an entirely new perception to interpret reality without relying on past experiences. This new circuit bypasses the old memories, so the knowledge is immediate, instantaneous, and therefore has an accurate perception of reality. It is shown that when humans use the brain of the heart creates a state of biological coherence, harmony and everything works out fine, it is a superior intelligence that is activated by positive emotions.


Cultivate silence, contact with nature, live periods of solitude, meditate, contemplate, watch your vibration environment, work in groups, live simply. And ask your heart when you do not know what to do.


We are the source of everything that happens to us and everything we are presented in our life, chance does not exist.


Nothing can present itself in our universe if we have not given our permission.


The first and most profound source of the current situation of the world is at the level of awareness of the present Humanity, on the values ​​that underlie the actions and decisions of human beings.


The Heart Love is not an emotion, it is an intelligent state of consciousness that allows us to live from the heart, in union with our divine nature, in the deep unity with all that exists.


It is not what happens that determines our lives, but rather how we choose to react internally versus what happens.


Trust in life is a positive form of attachment.


I am able to do much. When I remain open to the most beautiful qualities of my soul, I perform enormous tasks with ease and success.



I wish you a happy week,


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