My dear friend Ariel Martínez sent me this video link I want to share.

It is an interesting reflection, a simple but very true one. The importance of a second measuring the small moments of our lives, and how these seconds are defined from our decisions and choices, and how they influence our life, our present and our future. Because the future is defined largely by the small decisions that are part of our everyday life. Arthur Schopenhauer said it: “Fate shuffles the cards, but we play them”.

And the seconds we live are quite a few:

-60 per minute.
-3,600 per hour.
-86,400 per day.
-604,800 each week.
-18,144 million a month.
-31,556,926 a year.
-And can become more than 2.5 billion in a lifetime.

Many seconds passed and whose content we can choose, we dress up, we can create their texture, music, color, meaning and sense. They can be hollow or full, empty, intense or deep. Yes , we can choose which “style” every moment has.

Back in Ancient Greece, they used two words to describe time: kronos, which would be time measured or quantified (hence the word chronometer) and kairos, referring to the quality of time, the ability we humans have to be timely, adequate and give that instant that is measured in seconds so briefly a rare quality. A kiss lasts a few seconds, but it can determine the course of a life, or a hug, or a kind word, or a gesture of devotion.

Thus, cosmic time is kronos while kairos is human time: the opportunity, occasion, devotion, creativity, conscious cultivation. The former can be measured by clocks, the second is touched by the heart.

I hope this videoclip -less than two minutes long- touches you.

Kisses and hugs,


Alex Rovira