All too often, time goes by without us even noticing. We ride the present moment like surfers balancing on their boards, on the crest of the wave of the present.

Who am I? This instant.

Who are you? This instant.

I am, you are, now.

Carried along by the bustle of our daily lives, immersed in trying to deal with all the complexities, challenges and problems existence presents us with (today more than ever, unfortunately), our consciences too often flee from the present because our anxieties about the future and regrets about the past hold a strong inertia.

We’ve been told that we as human beings have two states of consciousness: sleep and wakefulness; and we tend to correlate them wrongly. We think that when we’re sleeping, we’re asleep, and while we’re awake, we’re wakeful. Wrong association. Lies.

In actual fact, most of us live wide awake but not wakefully. Awake, but asleep.

Perhaps one of the challenges we face, if not the challenge, is to live awake and wakefully. To become aware of each moment, living alertly, being present, able to choose our responses in full awareness. Opening not only the eyes of our faces, but also of our hearts, to the present, to be able to offer our present moments to the world, in awareness.

Let these images help you to become aware of the subtle passing of time and of the beauty of it, to value and appreciate, here and now, this moment, to be present –and from there, to give the best of your being, now, to those around you who you love.

Hugs, kisses,


Alex Rovira