‘Youth is not a period of life, it is a state of mind.’


This week, I’d like to live this blog Sensations up with a short video, vital and full of life lessons, though. Here you are Neal Unger, nicknamed “the dude”, not for free: he is in his sixties and still practicing skateboarding in order to reconnect with his mind, with his enthusiasm, and the will to live. Skating, to put it somehow, rejuvenates him. As the philosopher José Ingenieros said: “No one is born young, youth must be acquired. And without an ideal, it cannot be acquired”. And the gray and active Neal has found his.

What is the ideal of each person, which keeps us in the here and now birthday after birthday? Old age lies not in years or, better said, ageing may wrinkle the skin, but does not necessarily mean that it wrinkles the soul. We can win youth over the years if we look with our heart, with curiosity, and a fresh look all around us, and pour the joy within us in those who we love and in what we do.

While illusion and imagination are still present in our daily basis routine, as long as we continue to develop the ability to be surprised, nothing will put us in the twilight. On the contrary, we will continue to learn with enthusiasm and will have the power to simplify our life. A perfect formula to create.

And to believe. To be younger than ever.

I wish you a happy week,



Alex Rovira