Keith Jarrett often accompanies me. At home, as background music. When I drive, or in the train, looking out into the landscape. In my daily life, his piano plays inside me when I sing it or remember it. He IS the music he plays; he feels it, he lives it, he is it.

Perhaps my favourite album is Keith’s “The Melody at Night, With You”, which we’ll also be listening to here.

For now, here’s an invitation: watch, observe, contemplate how he and his piano melt into one another and make love in the way we call music. Music doesn’t just reach your soul when you hear it, but when you feel it in the depths of your being.

Eva Cassidy (below) and Keith Jarret, woman and man, together in the love of music and need to express beauty.That’s why they’re here. Two wonderful versions of “Over the Rainbow” by Harold Arlen (music) and Yip Harburg (lyrics).

Hugs, kisses,


Alex Rovira