“Today before dawn, I went up to the hills,

I looked at the skies humming with fireflies

and said to my spirit: When we know

all these worlds and the pleasure and wisdom

of everything they contain,


Will we be calm and satisfied?

And my spirit said, No,

We will only have reached those heights in order to carry on.”


Carry on, when you’ve reached the heights… and when you fall.

In prosperity and adversity. Carry on. Because there’s always someone to love, to live for, something to share, something to create, to serve, a utopia to conquer; carry on.

What makes it worthwhile to carry on?

Answers, please.

Sincere thanks.

Hugs, kisses,


PS. Whitman’s poem has been evoked to me by the initial images of the video. I hope you enjoy it.

Alex Rovira