Stillness is necessary, essential.

Tranquility, calmness, rest when needed, are always a relief for both body and soul.

In a hectic world, we need contemplation and silence from which reflection, meditation, or the simple prove of one’s Presence are born.

We exist, but do we live? It is in the stillness where consciousness is awakened. Joy and fulfillment are usually inversely proportional to acceleration.

Stillness shows us perspective, distance, location. It helps us to provide the weight, density and value to our experience, to be aware of what is worthwhile and what is not.

In stillness, we can integrate experience, out of silence comes the voice that helps us to mean, in calm reflection the dregs of knowledge occur.

Nature or music often open us the door to the slowdown. Thanks to them we feel better, we get renewed. For me, music and nature are doors into the stillness.

That is why I’d like to share this video. I wish you like it.

Happy August days, and thanks for being here.



Alex Rovira