Through this question Eduardo Galeano invites us to think and to feel.

His work braids clarity and beauty. His words heal and reveal. Reading his words is a pleasure, and listen to him, even more. His prose is rebellious, provocative, with this touch of a healing cynicism created from the evidence, as the Andersen’s tale, “The Emperor’s New Clothes”, which claims the obvious but not assumed, that the king was naked. His poetry opens windows for us to reflect.

This Uruguayan clairvoyant makes us enjoy his work in a way that is like wearing glasses on: one sees clearer. Not only -it helps us state that we can do more and better to improve this Earth.

Here’s a video excerpt of an interview that is well worth seeing, contemplating. He speaks about the right to dream, the right to utopia, the right to delirium. Ways, the three of them, to improve this world.

Hope you like it.

Have a happy day.

Hugs and kisses,


PS. Thanks a lot, Irene González Montero.

Alex Rovira