This week I want to share a short video containing Alan Watts’ voice in off. I already shared a similar one a few months ago.

This lucid provocative British philosopher, gave us more than twenty books worth reading. Education, Awareness, Consciousness, Action and many other related essential questions of life topics are part of his collection of reflections.

Of his books, I strongly recommend the works “The Wisdom of Insecurity”, “The Book of Taboo” and “This is It”.

Inspiring contemporary authors as powerful as Ken Wilber or Sir Ken Robinson, many years ago Alan Watts gave away provocative reflections on the education of our children, existential orientation and respect for the natural talents of children.

That is what this video, hardly three minutes long, is about, with Watts’ encouraging voice inviting us to reflect.

I hope you enjoy it.

Hugs and kisses,


Alex Rovira