There are five human souls living at home and five canine souls.

I often think I’d like to be able to relate to sensations and reality as my dogs do: they’re pure joy and enthusiasm when you meet them, a source of gentleness in the calm of the home, when adults and kids relax together on the sofa with them at the foot of it, asking for strokes and pats with a touch of their noses or quick lick. Whimpering softly with pleasure if you pat them or stroke their backs or bellies. They’re joy and excitement when you walk them and when they play. They’re bravery and courage towards the unknown. They’re noble. Truly. Much more than some humans, infinitely more.

There’s so much to learn from animals… Too often, humans are of course, unfortunately, the biggest animals of all.

Dogs don’t speculate, they don’t manipulate, lie, behave cynically or sadistically. That is my experience of them. They have so much nobleness and gentleness in between barks. I give thanks for them.

Hugs, kisses, woof!




PS. Check out this video –their simple enjoyment with their faces in the wind.

Alex Rovira