It’s funny… On a microscopic scale, we are empty. We are nothing. Actually, any material is empty. If we look our skin up close, and move on at microscopic scales, this immense emptiness is almost total. But our lives, our world, universe, feelings, our problems are very real.

What are we, material or emptiness?

Perhaps we are light -incarnate, condensed. True light, sometimes a happy one, sometimes just suffering, sometimes confused or mistaken, and then we also recognize ourselves in this joyful, simple, original essence.

When we are happy, we seem to give out light. Good people, are bright. They brighten up the lives of those around them. Give love and joy. “It is like you are full of light”, we say to those apprehended by the gift of joy, fulfillment or the excitement generated by a large and friendly feeling. “Enlightened” are called those avatars that, from simplicity, revealed the obvious we have very close and we do not see because of the lack of light: here and now, love and do not do to others what you would not like them do to you… Simplicity, originality, essential: light.

I hope this week brings you all bright and enlightening moments. And if they do not come across you, you can create them. Sometimes a spark (of love, of joy, of creativity, of meaning, of generosity, of silence, understanding, patience… ) can change a life.

And I hope you enjoy this video.

Kisses, hugs and have a happy week.



Alex Rovira