Joan Melé is a good friend of mine. He’s a wonderful, brave, coherent person and a superb professional. I had the honour of writing the prologue to a book of his, “Dinero y Consciencia: a quién sirve mi dinero”, (Money and Conscience: Who Benefits from my Money?), published by Plataforma Editorial.

Joan is profoundly preoccupied with finding a different way to create and distribute value, to make work and the economy meaningful, to distribute wealth, to promote ethical banking and remove ourselves from the abuse which this fraud encouraged by a criminal form of neo-liberalism has led to, to put an end to this robbery of good people (it’s not a crisis, its criminality, daylight robbery unhindered by the judicial system, I insist).

In this twenty-minute talk, Joan offers a series of reflections that are worth listening to, and worth thinking about and acting on.

I hope you like it.

Hugs, kisses,



Alex Rovira