There are essential lessons that help opening our eyes.

They are about living and dying, welcomes and farewells, all that which is essential in life.

Four years ago, Randy Pausch gained worldwide notoriety after a lecture he gave on his terminal pancreatic cancer and the process of departing from life he was going through. This conference became a highly successful book because it invited people to be aware of what is really important in life, here and now.

On weekends, I make the most of the opportunity to browse and search for videos that can be inspiring or helpful, and I like posting them here for us all to think and feel about important issues. I like sharing works by those authors or about subjects that at some point in my life touched me, helped me, inspired me or caused me to make unexpected reflections. I intend to post videos that connect us to life, beauty or goodness. Then I file them in the section Sensations on my website, where you can always find them whenever you may need them.

Today, surfing the Net and by associating ideas, I have rediscovered this video of Randy, translated into Spanish, all intense, essential, revealing. I hope you like it and find it inspiring.

I send you a big hug and I wish you a happy week. Thanks for being here.


Alex Rovira