Life, in its beat, shows that there is a dialectic evolutionary process in all things, a dance of opposites, which are only pairs in appearance, but that are truly just one, united by a principle of life:

Systole and diastole, blood.
Inspiration and exhaling, air.
Sleep and waking, life.
Day and night, rotation.
Winter and summer, translation.

Thousands of years ago, there was who could see this principle and named it: Yin and Yang, Tao. Life is a journey where evolution goes through the dialectic between the seemingly opposites, but that do not stop being one.

And so it is in everything. Sometimes it is obvious, sometimes it is hard to see the other side of the coin to what life is presenting us here and now.

Pain and hope.
Death and rebirth.
Crisis and chrysalis.
Give and take.

Now, here is winter. Nature sleeps, rests, falls back. Also at night, in the cold, in the winter there is immense beauty. It is an essential dimension of the spring, where life explodes. No winter would not happen without spring, or we would not live it like that.

I hope that the images and music of this video may inspire you.

Hugs and kisses,



Alex Rovira