“Those who say it is impossible should not interrupt those who are trying.” This fine sentence was apparently spoken by Thomas A. Edison.

Here is an “impossible”, but real, story.

Faith was found as a puppy in a rubbish tip in 2002. She was born with her back legs completely developed but with only one front leg, which soon atrophied and had to be amputated. Many vets recommended euthanasia as “there’s no way a dog can survive just on its back legs; she won’t be able to walk or do her business like a normal dog; she’ll be dependent on people the whole time. Best put her to sleep,” they said. But with patience and care, Jude Stringfellow taught Faith to hop on her back legs, and she can jump, run, get up alone, and live like any four-legged dog. The rest of the story is here.

A great lesson in “Faith”.

Hugs, kisses,


Alex Rovira