Maybe Les Luthiers is one of the most brilliant group of comedians that we can, fortunately, still enjoy live. These veteran musicians and comedians are absolutely great. They play with language, creativity, innovation, music, saviour, and they stage shows with hilarious sketches.

The purpose of this blog is simply to share inspiring, kind videos which bring on what the name suggests: Sensations. Today I want to embrace humour through a group of geniuses worth knowing and following.

I think there are four aspects that give meaning to life or rescue and save us in the most difficult moments: love, humour, nature and culture. Today, a tribute to  humour, from the hands of these immense Argentine geniuses. I invite you to enjoy fifteen minutes of surreal, hilarious, cultivated and intelligent humour. What would life be without sense of humour, without the ability to laugh at things, or at ourselves? Laughter oxygenates our soul and body and is a source of positive emotions.

The title of the gag is “El Merengue”, and they behave like fools. Crazy bright fools. Let’s sweeten the day, I hope you like it.

Kisses and hugs,


Alex Rovira