Perhaps one of the most beautiful of love poems. By Mario Benedetti, in his own voice on YouTube. The extraordinary verses run:


My love

you know

you can count

on me

not until two

or even ten

you can just count

on me


if sometimes

you notice me

looking into your eyes

and you see in mine

a streak of love

do not raise your guns

or think I’m delirious

in spite of the streak

or perhaps because it’s there

you can count

on me


if at other times

you find me

unsociable without reason

don’t think you can’t be bothered

you can still count

on me


but let’s make a deal

I’d like to count

on you


it’s so lovely

to know you exist

one feels alive

and when I say this

I mean to say count

even until two

even until five

not even for you to come running

to my aid

but to know

to be sure

that you know you can count

on me.


Hugs, kisses,



Alex Rovira