More than ten years ago I wrote in “Letters To Myself”:

“Often bold people, those who risk, those who differ from the rule, who make a stand, who do things in a different way, who dare looking up their way, who are true to themselves, those who live their lives (and, by the way, let others live theirs), bohemians, rebels, against the system,  who do what they want and enjoy it without harming others… all of them are blamed and insulted for being ‘careless’ when they are probably aware and very caring, they are more in touch with their true Self and allow themselves to express it.”

This magnificent documentary made by the team Qucut is the proof: Climent Olm shows us a different way of living and gives us lucid, beautiful and practical aphorisms and reflections. But beyond that, it shows us a different way of understanding life and living it. And Climent, the main voice, wonders and asks: “Is it really absurd to long for Utopia?”. It is not, for sure. Moreover, without utopia I would personally find very hard to give a meaning to life, work, effort, hope, the future of our children. No, I think we should not give up on utopia.

I strongly encourage you to contemplate this video. It invites us to think and to feel. A real gem it is. Thanks, Climent, thanks Qucut team for doing such a good job.

Hugs and kisses,


Alex Rovira