Being in balance involves the ability to manage the movement to achieve a certain stillness. Balance is a kind of immobility, of apparent inaction, but its conquest in any dimension of life, even as we seek balance in exercise or physical play, requires great skills, concentration and experience. It is not easy to conquer balance. Of course,  balance is an art.

Normally, balance is having to beat inertia, and almost always we talk about balance when in low base of support. When we walk the line, on the edge of the curb, on our toes, even in the abyss. Maintaining balance is a constant exercise of power management, to retain and release, to give and take, to realize what goes on inside and outside, within oneself and in the other, of a movement that does not support adaptive abruptness, but constant and conscious delicacy.

We also talk about balance when there is harmony, proportion, beauty. Balance is hardly compatible with impulsiveness and impatience, with rapture or improvisation. It requires experience and growing habits. It takes patience, serenity, concentration, awareness, appreciation of harmony and beauty. Synonyms are words like stillness, harmony or proportion.

Paracelsus, the wise alchemist, stated that “poison is in the dose”. Indeed, in the extremes is the imbalance and its conquest is not easy for us. Even, we often crave balance and tag it with other names, for example, happiness, serenity, even fulfilness.

We should have been educated in the art of balance in life. And not just as a gymnastic exercise, but also as emotional, financial, and many other essential dimensions which would prevent us from suffering. Because we learn (or not) the art of balance by being slapped more often than we would like or we had deserved. Little or nothing is said of it.

May this video be used as a beautiful metaphor of the great skills involved in the complex exercise of balance, and how difficult it is to conquest. And, in turn, it invites us to recognize the beauty that involves knowing how to build it and to maintain it.

I wish you like it.

Kisses and hugs,






Alex Rovira