Very often, the main argument we have to convince ourselves about us not being able to change our behaviour or not introducing new healthy habits in our lives is lack of time.

Many times, most of them, this statement seems beyond doubt. But we would be actually surprised to learn that, for example, just with very little time each day for exercising, even just walking for twenty minutes for someone who does not move off from the chair (at home, the office, the car… ) or for meditating, if only for ten minutes, can bring a significant change in our mood and health, and therefore, we can also generate a positive impact on the mood and health around us.

I have been practicing meditation for many years now. From my own experience is, perhaps, along with exercise, the best health investment of time one can do. But when I talk to friends and acquaintances about the benefits of meditation and how much they can get in return for so little, their honest answer is that they would love to devote time to this practice daily, but in the morning, they very busy and during the day, more of the same thing, and at night they are exhausted. No apparent option then.

My usual answer is, if you have not half an hour a day, or twenty minutes, or a quarter of an hour, don’t you have two minutes? That’s more than enough to start and get a significant improvement in how we feel. One minute in the morning and another at night, for example and to start with. And some people start there, and then they continue…

Interestingly enough, a few days after this, my oldest daughter, who is sixteen, showed me this video made by Martin Boroson and that they had been shown at school. It summarizes in a simple, unpretentious, but very entertaining way how we can begin the practice of meditation with just a minute. Of course, it should be taken as such, as an invitation to those who want to start practicing a healthy habit so easily.

It’s very much worth seeing. And I believe it contains a powerful message taht is not explicit: sometimes the great changes in our lives can start with tiny steps, almost imperceptible, but that can open the door to new horizons. I wish you, from the heart, it goes like that and that you find it useful and enjoyable.

Happy day.

Kisses and hugs,




Alex Rovira