Sunday morning. Time to rest and sift through what’s on my iPod to find something pleasant to go with a good book. I’d like to share two versions of the same piece with you: “Over the Rainbow”, a classic. The first one is by Eva Cassidy, a woman who was pure music when she sang. She gave each version the voice of her soul, in word and on her guitar. An intimate, authentic, stark, essential style. Her versions of Sting’s “Fields of Gold” and other versions are so moving. We’ll share them here, too.

Eva was born in Washington in 1963, and died at the age of 33 in 1996. A cancerous melanoma in its final stages put an end to her life in three months. They say she preferred small, intimate concert spaces* and that her last act in 1996 was with a group of friends. She sang them “What a Wonderful World”.

If you can, catch her mythical album “Live at Blues Alley”.

An invitation: close your eyes and let yourself go to the voice and soul of this beautiful, sweet woman.

Carpe diem.

Happy Sunday, happy life.


Alex Rovira