There is a great deal of beauty around us all.

We are the centres of our own universe. Every time a conscience becomes flesh, when a child is born, the Universe unfolds. What is not here is nowhere, and you are the axis your consciousness unfolds along. But this consciousness binds us. What is the border between what we call “me” and what doesn’t come into what we call “me”. Does that border exist? If matter is essentially emptiness then isn’t that “me” really an “us”?

Just thinking aloud…

Here’s an invitation: enjoy the beauty of these images and the music that goes with them. Lake Eyre in Australia. It is when we contemplate beauty (and I’m speaking of my own experience here) that questions arise, and we are stirred, we feel wonder, curiosity, and come out of our inner reverie.

Look around; what a beautiful exercise it is to look.

Hugs, kisses,


Alex Rovira