In Latin, humble is humilis, which comes from humus. We are humble when we are able to uncover. And that “let go” is what will make us grow up in the future, as the leaves of the tree that are released each Fall to become its food and fertilizer, its moisture retention in the Summer, the nest of life for insects which will pollinate its flowers.

In classical Greek, humble means “small”. Because humble is he who recognizes the greatness of his environment, and in that inner gesture is able to see what is really valuable. He who is humble can recognize the greatness and beauty that surrounds him and has that gift.

Human and humus have the same prefix. It is significant, we are born of the earth and return to it. And this planet came out, one day, from a huge cloud of gas, rocks and dust. We are stardust beating, alive, able to become aware. We are children of the Earth and the moon, which as it seems, is too, but in a different way.

There are images that arouse evoking, as the above words. Such has been the case in this video I want to share. In it, the full moon rises pouring its light on those who contemplate the fascinating picture.

They are human fascinated by the beauty of the moon, humanity, smallness, humility… How the exercise of contemplating can offer so much.

And here, an invitation to contemplative meditation, with these beautiful images.

Kisses and hugs,



Alex Rovira