The Sun was going down. Far away, on the horizon, I make out two people walking, like we are. The land is rocky, rugged, wild. And in the background, below the cliffs, the sea. I pick up my camera and the zoom gives me a stunning image: two people walking, perhaps a couple, moving in the opposite direction from us.

And I remember the wonderful poem by the great Antonio Machado, because actually, there’s no path where they’re walking. Their steps make their way; their path is made by walking, as the Sun says goodbye and gives us a spectrum of colours that, yet again, makes me think miracles exist.

And I wonder if they just go wherever they feel like, or if they know where they’re heading. And how beautiful it is to not know where you’re going, sometimes. And how beautiful it is to know where you’re going, sometimes.

Whether or not you’re heading somewhere, the important thing is to be walking. Because at every step we discover a new perspective, a new horizon, a new possibility.

Where are you heading? Do you know, do you care? Ask the air.

Hugs and kisses,


Alex Rovira