Start by doing what is necessary,

then do what is possible,

and end up doing that impossible.


Many times, looking back and revisiting life after this long journey, we get impressed, we life travelers, about how we walked hard to get where we stand.

As a long ladder, so is our existence. Landings conquered step by step, and we gain perspective, and mature, one step after another, as the Italian saying: piano, piano si va lontano. Slowly, slowly, that is how we go on, while we walk, if we decide to move forward while we can.

For any project or longing, as Francis said, it would be smart to start with what we need to advance, to keep on with the possible next conquest, and continue sowing and creating possibilities toward the desired conditions, and persevering, perhaps to conquer what was impossible when we began to walk.

Because the future is present, and the future is what we sow today, it is worth to remember that the steps of what is to come will stand on the strength that we build on our steps today. And every walked step is a work in itself worth done well.

Perseverance, patience, vision, enthusiasm and hope are the values that are the breath, strength and sense that allow us to go a step further. Finally, when we conquer the summit, the end of the ladder, surely we will realize that we shall await a new one, and that what matters is not so much making our wishes come true (to get to the top of the stairs, meet the desired goal) but what our aim has made for us to get there lighter, lucidly and trained to face new challenges and also being able to provide others with the strength and the experience as a helping hand to help them keep going up their staircase.

Braided stairs are our lives, then, like the ones in the picture, shells of steps that converge in a common destiny.


Kisses and hugs,



Alex Rovira