I am very keen on old trees, be they large or not. If they are, definitely its presence is impressing, but I cannot say the strange reason why as a child I was lost in contemplating the beauty of the oaks, the pines, the linden, the chestnuts, beech and other species found in the forests we used to visit with my family during the summer months.

I deeply agree with this sentiment expressed by Hermann Hesse:
“In the treetops whispers the world, their roots rest in infinity, but  are not lost, but with the full force of its existence they seek one thing only: to fulfill the law itself, the law that lies hidden inside, to develop its own form, to represent themselves. Nothing is more sacred, nothing is more exemplary than a beautiful and strong tree”.

That is how I feel. In their presence, under his wing, I like being sheltered, reading, contemplating. When I have the opportunity to travel and have some time off, I usually ask if there is any old tree in the area that can be visited. The life they support with their trunks and branches, its beauty, power, presence, the protection I feel when I can see and possibly feel close to one, makes me feel great joy and serenity. A deep sense of gratitude.

Blessed trees: they give us life, clean air, shade, fruit. Let’s take care of them treasure around us and the earth that welcomes us, them.

I wish you a pleasant weekend.


Alex Rovira